sommet pico schulz

Northern Cordillera Real offers the majestics massifs of the  Illampu and Ancohuma, legendary peaks in Bolivia.

The Illampu forms with the Huayna Illampu and the Pico Schulz a beautiful circus of cliffs and ice.

Going back up a glacial valley from the high camp, you have to rejoin a cliff on the right, which leads on ridges. Progression to the summit (5900 m) and still descent by the crests on the other side.

The ascent of Pico Schultz is much less technical than the Illampu, it is also very varied, offering rock passages, and is aerial as we like.

The views on the Ancohuma, the Lake Titicaca, the Sorata Valley and Illampu are matchless. True happiness, a "deligth race" !!

Ascent technical with rocky pass through (D/IV)

Pico SchulzClimbs / descentsWalking Time
Day 1 > Base Camp+ 900 m / - 260 m4h
Day 2 > Altitude Camp+ 650 m / - 225 m4 to 5h
Day 3 > Base Camp+ 950 m / - 1375 m10 to 11h
Day 4 > Sorata+ 245 m / - 870 m3h