There are many reasons of falling in love with Bolivia!

Discover a selection of "our favorites" places, moments... Of course, there are a lot more to come!

See you very soon!

You will discover the Chuquiñapi community, who will take you on a Catamaran ride on the Titicaca Lake and to the Sunata Island, as well as the Santiago de Okola community, at the edge of the « Sleepy dragon», little hill overlooking the village and offering a beautiful view on the lake ! 

A very nice customized program of 4 days to discover Tarija, its beautiful vineyards and its amazing biological reserve Sama !

Spend half-day sharing with a warm community of women from El Alto (the suburbs of La Paz). Discovering weaving techniques and participation in a natural dyeing workshop !

You are dreaming of exploring the best of Bolivia in 14 days?

The sights of Bolivia are among the most amazing and beautiful in the world ! Discover the essentials of Bolivia, its facinating landscapes, the richness of its history and culture through this incredible program !

5 days trip to discover the incredible Madidi National Park !

The highlights : 

3 days of discoveries in the Yungas region : 

  • Bolivia's death road from la Paz to Coroico… in a private vehicle
  • Visit of a coffee plantation 
  • Short hike in the middle of the coca fields
  • Relaxing by the pool

A perfect cocktail of activities !

 A unique experience within the community of Tuni : 

The Tacana community is coming from the pre-inca time. They are coming from the bolivian amazon and live in the departments of la Paz, Beni and Pando. The majority of them are living from the agricuture (coffee, cacao, yuca etc...), fishing, logging, traditional craft and also from eco-tourism which represents a real economic engine. 

His first ascent is attributed to the Germans, Karl Warner, Hans Wimmer and Hans Richter in 1957.

From the enchanting camp we called Campo Cololo located on the Chonkormani Lagoon, we leave this time to attack the Huanacuni further north-west of the camp.

Ascent of the Illimani (6.439 m) / Cordillera Real / Bolivia

The legendary massif of Illimani (6.439 m), "protector" of the city of La Paz, is imposing and impressive with its endless peak and multiple peaks rising to over 6,000 meters.

Sucre, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful city in Latin America!

White city with Roman tiles, Iberian influences, harmonious and surrounded by hills with soft shapes, inside Bolivian land.

2790 m above sea level ? It's difficult to think we are so high, yet the climate is mild, people prone to some form of nonchalance ...

Lake Titicaca, which straddles the border with Peru, evokes images of Greek islands and Norwegian fjords.  In 1872, a steamer was hauled to the lake piece by piece and reassembled on its shores.  When the ship was put in the water, Titicaca became the highest navigable body of water in the world—a title it holds to this day.