Don Luis

Ascent of the Don Luis (5.780 m) / Cordillera Quimsa Cruz / Bolivie

The Don Luis (5790m) is the first massif that we discover when we follow the Cordillera Quimsa Cruz by the south. What a Massif ! He fascinates and impresses in the same time, with his three successives peaks. We can't resist to the desire of reaching each point.

The Don Luis massif offers a splendid race on the ridges, aerial at will, leaving you amazed with no doubt. The climb is relatively easy, except for a steep climb to reach the edges and a passage exposed on the edge. From up there, the views are spectacular across the Cordillera Real, the Illimani and far away lagoons with unreal blue.

Ascent quite difficile and a bit engaged (AD/II)

Don LuisClimbs / descentsWalking Time
Day 1 > Chojña Khota Lagoon+ 1050 m / - 1050 m10 to 11h