San Enrique Quimsa Cruz

Ascent of the San Enrique (5.675 m) / Cordillera Quimsa Cruz / Bolivia

In the middle of the Cordillera Quimsa Cruz, overlooking the village de Mallachuma, two massifs impress us.  The Jankho Loma (5450m) on the left and the San Enrique (5675m)  on the right, all in length with its tapered edge.

The massif of San Enrique offers a splendid very sporty crossing. The climb to the main summit, to the right of the massif, is carried out on 200 m wall inclined at 60 / 65º. Then we must also continue on a very exposed ridge that offers rock passages of difficulty 5 to 6º. Adrenaline seekers will not be disappointed...

Ascent technicly difficult techniquement and engaged (D/III)

San EnriqueDénivelésTemps de marche
Day 1 > Mallachuma+ 920 m / - 920 m10 to 12h