Dyeing workshop in El Alto !

Spend half-day sharing with a warm community of women from El Alto (the suburbs of La Paz). Discovering weaving techniques and participation in a natural dyeing workshop! Visit of the game area “la casita”, a nice gaming and self-development place where Bolivian kids are attended four times a week.

Overview :

Length of stay :

1 days on the spot.

Transport :

Private vehicle

Entry of the sites :


Guide :

English speaking guide.

Altitude of the journey:

Between 3.600 m and 4.100 meters

Best moment of year :

All year long

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Steps and highlights:

Main steps:

Day 1

The trip in video:

Dyeing workshop in El Alto !


  • Presentation of the regions and plants of Bolivia
  • Introduction to natural dyeing
  • Sharing a Bolivian lunch
  • Discovering the weaving techniques

A beautiful intercultural connection in a very friendly atmosphere!

Day 1 : LA PAZ – NATURAL DYE WORKSHOP - DISCOVERING GAME AREA (3600 m alt. / 11810 feet a.s.l)

More infos
Departure :

08:00 am

Accommodation :


Meals included :


Altitude :

Between 3.600 m and 4.100 meters

Time of transport :

2 hours approx.

Walking time :


LA PAZ – NATURAL DYE WORKSHOP - DISCOVERING GAME AREA (3600 m alt. / 11810 feet a.s.l)

From your hotel in La Paz, you’ll be driven to El Alto, a suburb of La Paz. There, you will discover the natural dye workshop run by a community of women. You’ll be warmly welcomed. Once introduced to the different kinds of plants and their characteristics, you will take part in the different steps for preparing natural dyes. You’ll be prepared and served a hearty lunch, in a friendly atmosphere. Then, you will see the results of the dyes preparation, and you will discover the weaving workshop and the different machines. A small exposition in the higher floor, will let you discover the collections made from natural dyes, and you may go back with beautiful balls of alpaca wool. Lunch with the women of the workshop. Then, we’ll go to another neighbourhood of El Alto, where we will discover a game area, “la casita” (the small house), which name was chosen by the kids who come here. The French association of international solidarity C.I.E.L.O. is an NGO crated in 1995, which manage many solidarity projects in the world, such as this game area. Since 2001, this association operates in the suburbs of La Paz, in El Alto. Population there is considered as the youngest of South America. Its objective? To contribute to the improvement of life quality of the most deprived kids and families, offering them a friendly space for playing and relaxing. In Bolivia, three games areas have been created in 2001 and 2006, in the city of El Alto (Suburb of La Paz) There, you will meet Maria Teresa Alvarez, a Bolivian woman in charge of the game area which was open in 2001. Maria lives alone with her two daughters, and manages with a lot of energy and enthusiasm this beautiful space of game and self-development.

Special information :
The playhouse opens 4 days a week (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

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