Bolivia as seen by … Ludo

12 January 2022


They live in La Paz and they all have one thing in common: they carry Bolivia in their hearts. In this series of portraits, Thaki Voyage invites you to meet Bolivians, both born and bred, who travel in their own country and share with us their vision, their treasures and a few secrets.

Who are you, Ludo? What's your relationship with Bolivia?

My name is Ludo, I’m the chef-proprietor of the restaurant Ludo Cocina a la vista, and I’ve been living in Bolivia since 2004. What brought me to Bolivia? It was a boss I worked for in Madagascar who sold the business and suggested I come to Bolivia for a visit!

Tell us about your latest trip to Bolivia?

To tell the truth, I have a pretty tiring job, and these days, when I travel to Bolivia, it’s more to visit friends, chill out in Santa Cruz or Cochabamba in nice hotels and … do nothing!

What's your favourite thing about Bolivia?

I’d say the “batán”: it’s a stone instrument used to grind food, and among other things to prepare llajwa. It’s made of granite stone, which can be rectangular for La Paz, or round for Cochabamba. It’s like a mixer, but made of stone!

And your favourite place to recharge your batteries in La Paz, or anywhere else?

So around La Paz, I often go to stay with Franco-Bolivian friends who live in Mallasa, not far from the Valley of the Moon, with an incredible view of the mountains!

What's your favourite culinary speciality here?

To be classic, I’d say the “sajta de pollo”, because that’s what represents La Paz the most: it’s a fricassee of chicken, cooked with dried yellow chillies (aji amarillo). In fact, we may soon be offering it à la carte! With us, we’re more into sticking to classic recipes, but always using good produce! We’re just trying to lighten things up a bit, to make Bolivian dishes a bit sexier…

What's your best memory of your trip to Bolivia?

Um … I’d say the Salar d’Uyuni and the whole quinoa route, which I was lucky enough to experience with journalists from Envoyé Spécial … that’s adventure travel!

Finally: a book, music album or artist to recommend to future travellers?

I’m thinking of Llegas, an 80s-style rock band from La Paz. Worth checking out!