Travel Insurance

For your comfort, we advise you to subscribe to an insurance plan adapted to your needs and cover your trip in case of illness, hospitalization abroad, repatriation and trip cancellation. Thaki, in cooperation with the Atrio insurance agency, we propose to see the offers of travel insurance, which offers benefits such as the following:

Multiple trips: these are plans that can be used for users who are frequent travelers and want annual coverage and multiple departures during the contracted period and have a maximum of 10, 30 and 60 days of stay for each trip.

Long stay: plan that can be used for people who stay for periods greater than 90 to 365 days outside the country of origin.

Simple trip: it is one of the most sought-after assistance since it can be taken for any trip that is less than 90 days and more than 3 days with all the benefits of coverage during the trip.

Thaki advises to check that your plan includes the following packages in your insurance: Quarantine upgrade and covid cancellation, Multi-cause cancellation upgrade (if not included in the basic contract) and Sports upgrade such as mountaineering (for trek and mountain trips only).

1*- Choose you Plan Type

2*- Pick up the destination

3*- Choose your Departure / Return Dates

4*- N° of Passengers

5*- Quote

6*- You can pick aditional add-on