Terms and conditions

Thaki Travel


THAKI TRAVEL is a society incorporated under the Bolivian law and is on this basis, submitted to the bolivian law. As well, in entering the territory, our customers have to comply with the legislation of the country and all violation of the the Bolivian laws and the corresponding consequences are legally under their responsibility.

1. Purpose

These general terms and conditions, determine the rights and obligations of both parties in relation of services to be done by the company THAKI TRAVEL.

2. Registration

Registration for one of THAKI TRAVEL services implies acceptance of those general and special conditions of sale. Registration is final after receipt of the completed registration form and deposit of your trip, the acceptance of the booking depending on the avaibility of the seats.

3. Prices

Our prices are expressed in American dollars (US), international and commercial currency used in Bolivia, in order to be closer to the real costs of our suppliers. In case of an important fluctuation (more than 5% of general increase) of the items, having a direct impact on the price of the trip (exchange rate between the American dollar (USD) and the Bolivianos (BOL)), this includes change of prices of transportation depending of the evolution of the oil price, inflation increase of the entrance fees...) between the moment of the signature of the contract and one month before the beginning of the services, we can find oursleves in the situation of modifying the defined price. In this case, the traveler has the choice between :
  • Cancelation of the trip. In this case : the total amount of the trip will be reimbursed (excepting banking fees). The price of the final trip is the one specified in the latest version of the program sent by THAKI VOYAGE.
  • Accepting the trip and the new proposed amount
The final price is the one calculated according to the number of passenger, a modification of the number of participants can lead to the modification of the prices and/or the benefits.

4. Deposits & payment

Registration will be considered effective with the prepayment representing 30% of the total amount of the services. The outstanding balance of the trip would have to be fully paid 30 days before the start of the services. Payment terms are as follow :
  • Payment by bank transfer on our Bolivian account. This one would have to be effective before the beginning of the services (according to the prefrence of payment, the one has to be informed to THAKI VOYAGE).
  • Payment by credit card only possible with our secured online platform KLIK & PAY (www.klikandpay.com). The costs related to the payment represent 5.5 % and would be automatically calculated and added to the final amount. Your insurance VISA or MASTERCARD has legal force.
  • Payment done in Bolivia, in this case of a payment with a credit card Visa, this one goes through www.klikandpay.com. The costs related to this mean of payment rise to 5.5 % and would be automatically calculated and added to the final amount.
When the payment is made by bank transfer, we ask you to send us a copy of the bank transfer order in order to facilitate the traceability upon receipt. The costs related to banking operations (international banking fees) will be taken in charge by the traveler (those fees may vary according to each agency, and on this point, we invite you to directly ask for advices directly from your bank).

5. Conditions and cancellation fees

a. From the client :

In case of cancellation, for any reason, the external costs involved by the traveler (the costs of transportation to the place of departure, international flights, visa fee, vaccinations...) could not be subjected to any reimbursement by THAKI TRAVEL. a.1. If the client is forced to cancel their trip because of personal reasons or major force like : illness, death (...) ; payments already made will be refunded subject to the following deductions :
  • More than 90 days before departure : the entire deposit will be reimbursed except any banking fees.
  • Between 50 to 90 days before departure : 70% of the deposit will be reimbursed except any banking fees.
  • Between 35 to 50 days before departure : 100% of the deposit will be retained corresponding to the pre-payment of some reservations (hotels, transport…) except any banking fees.
  • Between 20 to 35 days before departure : 60% of the total tour amount will be retained.
  • Less than 20 days before departure : 100% of the total tour amount will be retained.
a.2. If the client cancels his trip because of an increase of the price applied by THAKI VOYAGE consecutive to the conditions described in the paragraph 3, the client will be fully reimbursed except the banking fees. a.3. Cancellation from one of the participant : If anyone of the participants, belonging to a same group cancels his trip, prices will be recalculated according to the new number of participant. The client has the choice between :
  • refusing this new price, he will be submited to the conditions mentioned on the paragraph 5-a.1.
  • confirming his approval and accepting the new price, which will lead to the establishment of a new contract in accordance woth the new condistions.
b. From THAKI TRAVEL If THAKI TRAVEL has to cancel his services in case of force majeure (political events, climate etc...), the client will be fully reimbursed (paid deposit) with the exception of the banking fees and any other non-reimbursable charges.

6. Interruption and/or modification of the trip 

a. From the client : 

Before the arrival, any request for modification requested by the client after his registration and booking will be subject to evaluation case-by-case. In particular, any modification done after the issue of any kind of transportation (train tickets, plane etc) will be considered as a cancellation and as a consequences a new issue. The costs of those changes will be completely taken in charge by the traveler. During the trip, if for any reason, the client modifies or stops his trip prematurely or decides not to realize an activity already planned, reimbursement does not apply and any new other service will be completely in charge by the client.


THAKI TRAVEL reserves the right to modify or to stop the services in case of force majeure, any event, outside the control and / or independent from the willingness of the Company (the list is not limitative) like natural disasters, frost, fire, storm, flood, supply difficulties, strikes or other labor or social conflicts, dysfunction or interruption of the communication pathways, health condition of one of the participants, etc., affecting his performance due to its unpredictable and irresistible character. Therefore, THAKI TRAVEL reserves the right to modify the dates, hours or itineraries already planned in case of force majeure, if the company judges that the safety of the traveler can not be assured and this  action will leave the customer withouth the possibility of any compensation or indemnity. Being understood that THAKI TRAVEL is commited to propose the best and suitable alternatives in finding a solution or minimizes the consequences on the rest of the trip.

7. Formalities

Each participant is required to comply with police formalities and health regulations at any time of the trip. In no circumstances, THAKI TRAVEL can be a substitute for the individual responsibility of the customer who must assume all the formalities before departure (passport, visa and vaccination card) and for the entire duration of the trip, including the accomplishment of customs formalities in the country regulating the exportation of any items such as fabrics, antiques, etc. Few indications concerning the entry formalities :
  • the Bolivian autorities require that the passeport presented is still available 6 months following the date of entry on the bolivian territory.
  • Bolivia does not recquire visa for the French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadians tourists, for a maximum of 90-day stay. But PAY ATTENTION, it may change any time. It is mandatory to ask the consulate for information before departure !
In particular, for any trip to South America including international flights transiting through the USA, we recommend you to check if your passport and personal situation allow you to transit. We remind you that all travelers exempt from visa for travelling to the US have to obtain in advance a travel authorization via the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA - Electronic System for Travel Authorization): https : //esta.cbp.dhs.gov

8. Insurance

We request travelers to subscribe a personal and multi-risk insurance including a repatriation assistance. Upon your arrival, we will ask you information about your insurance company, your insurance policy number and the international phone contact of your insurance. This will allow us to react quickly in case of necessity. Otherwise, the traveler must inform his status before his arrival to THAKI TRAVEL, who will make him sign a liability release.

9. Liabilities

THAKI TRAVEL can not be held responsible for the consequences of external events such as:
  • Loss or theft of nominative documents (train, plane) by the traveler, the companies won't issue any other duplicate.
  • Failure at the moment of presentation of personal document and/or presentation of expired identification documents or with an insufficient validity.
  • Given the special nature of our tours, each participant must follow the advice and instructions given by the guide in charge of the group representing THAKI TRAVEL, which may not be held responsible of the incidents, accidents or personal  injuries that may result from a careless and unwise personal damage.
  • In addition, each participant should be aware that he may be at risks of any kind due to local conditions (distance of medical centers, lack of communication and poor condition of some infrastructure). He assumes all the risks under his name and on behalf of his successors, in full knowledge of the causes and agrees not to transfer the responsibility to the agency THAKI TRAVEL.
  • Good physical conditions and a sense of respect and friendliness are essential assets to realize the trips we offer. We invite you to consult your doctor before planning a trip to Bolivia, particularly because of the altitude.

10. Complaints

Any claim concerning your circuit (disagreement with the contents of the circuit, partial modifications, etc.) will have to be addressed to THAKI TRAVEL. Every effort will be made in order to find a freindly agreement between the parties. However, in case of an impossibility to reach a friendly agreement, THAKI S.R.L is a local law society and the Bolivian courts will be judged competent.

11. Air transport

Changes to schedules or routes, stopovers, delays, missed connections, denied boarding, flight cancellation, change of airport, external events such as strikes, technical problems, bad weather, airline surcharges, natural disasters, acts of third parties and all their consequences, could not involve the responsibility of THAKI TRAVEL. Any additional costs related to a disturbance will remain the responsibility of the traveler.

12. Luggages

The entire luggage or personal belongings remain permanently under the traveler's responsibility. In any case, will your luggage or personal belongings be under our responsibility.