A safe trip

Thaki Travel has put in place a partnership with IFREMMONT (Institute of training and research in mountain medicine).

Located in Chamonix, France, the institute is recognized for its expertise in mountain medicine across the world (Nepal, Kilimandjaro, Bolivia, etc).

Why this partnership ?

From 3500m, the effects of altitude start to present serious risks on some people’s body. Thaki Travel has then launched 2 main actions to ensure a maximum security to its clients:

  • A training dedicated to all our local guides dealing with mountain pathologies, altitude sickness and its complications, cold pathologies (frostbite, hypothermia) etc, to be able to detect in advance the signs and start the appropriate medical treatment. This training gave them the official certification of « IFREMMONT’s medical correpondent ». This disploma is accredited by ONU, through its label UNITAR.
  • A subscription to the service SOS-MAM, allowing the guides to reach at any time a french speaking expert doctor in case of medical problem.

Please be informed that Thaki Travel is paying a particular attention to the altitude levels required for a good acclimatation, respecting international regulations.

Who is it addressed to ?

All the clients booking a trip with Thaki Travel, that includes at least one night above 3500m of altitude in remoted environments, like mountains, deserts, etc.

What does the SOS-MAM service offer ?

An illimited access to the hotline, available 24/24 and 7/7, during your trip with us, enabling to reach on the phone a doctor, expert in altitude and mountain. The latter will be able to provide, with the support of your local guide, the required medical advice remotely. He will advice you on the steps to follow and the medicines to take, to improve health. In order to respect the european rules of Telemedicine, the whole conversation will be registered on a confidential medical server.

SOS-MAM give you access as well to a Personal Medical Record (DSP) that you can fill in before you leave to give more information to the doctors of IFREMMONT in case you have to call them during your trip (allergies to medicines, medical background, etc). This medical record, that you can keep for life, is free and condidential (certification ASIP).

What do I need to do to benefit from this service?

Not much. After you confirm your trip with Thaki Travel, we will freely register you on the SOS-MAM platform. You will only need to answer a few medical questions that we will send you by email, so that we can advice you on the necessity to see a specialized doctor or not.

What does it cost ?

Absolutely nothing, Thaki Travel covers all the costs related to the SOS-MAM call during your trip.

Be careful, your repatriation insurance is obviously necessary like any other trip, this service comes in addition in case of problems related to altitude.

Complementary recommendation before your trip :

It is strongly recommended you do a preventive teleconsultation to prepare your trip or a consultation in hospital/medical office, both at your own cost. This recommendation is particularly valid for clients over 50 years old, clients that have never slept above 3500m or clients that have chronical and/or incompatible illness that can cause problems in altitude.

Do not wait to take an appointment !