Local travel agency Thaki Travel

Who is Thaki ?

Local travel agency Thaki Travel

A local travel agency in Bolivia

Thaki is a local travel agency located in La Paz, Bolivia. Thaki Travel was founded in 2011 by Anne BIALEK and Jérôme BENASSI, two adventurous friends, passionate about Bolivia and who fell in love with the kindness of the Bolivians.


We offer private services and personalized trips according to your dreams and expectations.


Thaki Travel reflects who we are and we are proud to be a human-sized company. You know who we are, but we also know your name!


We are not in a quantitative approach and always do our best to never sacrifice quality or human relationship.

A Quality Benefit Guarantee

We are engaged in a process of continuous improvement. Having worked on the ground, passionate about travel, we are always looking for the best services, from the choice of the driver during an expedition in Lipez to the professionalism of the mountain guide.


Concerning the quality of the equipment and material, you can trust us! Indeed, we have also worked as guides and know that taking care of tourists is a real job ! Indeed, logistics and equipments must be be impeccable!


We personally know all our co-workers from the receptionist of an hotel to a mule-driver of the Cordillera Real. We maintain a relationship with them based on mutual trust.


During your stay in Bolivia, we really assist you and not only in thought! We know exactly where you are and with whom. In addition, we provide you with a phone number where you can reach us at any time.

L'esprit Thaki



We will not pretend to be what we are not : a company. Which must take a balanced budget, meet deadlines, complete and evaluate.


Thaki’s spirit is foremost a human adventure. So, we share values ​we believe in. What are they?

  • Ensure decent working conditions and fair to our partners, in a spirit of respect for all cultures,
  • Offering travelers a unique experience and quality services with the aim to share with them our appreciation of Bolivia,
  • Without hypocrisy naively participate in long-term development of Bolivia
  • Finally, and believe us, it is important for us: have fun and live our passion for travel, go to the field, opening new roads, offer different circuits and diverse themes.


Ideally, we would like to work in a climate of trust, providing quality services, develop new products and do not scatter us falling into the vicious circle of unbridled commercial development.


We follow the same philosophy, we see the trip as an encounter with the other, an immersion in another country, but also in another culture, you need to know to observe trying to curb our natural tendency to judge …

Our Line

of conduct

We work with local people, they are native from the mountains or the lowlands. We offer all fair remuneration, because everyone has to live decently. Wages must be adjusted, depending on changes in the cost of living, but also following the evolution of our company and its results. Our goal is to obtain a true partnership based on trust and mutual respect. In return, we will of course demanding on the quality, rigor and good humor ….


We offer working conditions that respect the individuals. We will not sell unrealizable and exhausting circuits, or try to sell at any price and delight customers beyond reasonable. The days in 4 × 4 must be achievable and allow drivers to work safely. For trekking in the mountains, the bags should not exceed 15 kgs of respect for the altitude porters, but also for llamas!


We respect and do comply with kindness, customs and traditions of our guests. The guides will advise you during your meetings with communities.


Of course, we respect the environment. Our teams are aware of the importance of the protection of the environment. We take down our waster once we return back. The guides and drivers do the same, and encourage travelers to imitate them, during our conventional circuits and 4 × 4 expeditions. They ensure that the spots are left clean. The goal is to discover those natural spaces while thinking to the next generation and seeking to preserve the unspoilt countryside.

Les plus Thaki

Thaki and the

« icing on the cake »

From our side, we are doing our best to go beyond the classics and unavoidable, even if they are already fascinating. We want to offer you the opportunity to bring you where, usually, travelers will not go. Allow you, if you are ready to meet, to enter the circle for locals, places that visitors do not usually have access or simply they do not have the time to discover alone. To propose you escapades that go beyond the traditional areas of travel and you will further understand Bolivian reality.


Forgive us … if we have to say, in any false modesty, that this is where we is the difference.


Jealous of the exclusive privileges that we book for you, we will not give here, all the details, addresses, people or projects that we put at your disposal. The ideas are numerous and what you tell us about you and your tastes will allow us to offer them.