Bolivia as seen by … Véro

3 November 2021


They live in La Paz and they all have one thing in common: they carry Bolivia in their hearts. In this series of portraits, Thaki Voyage invites you to meet Bolivians, both born and bred, who travel in their own country and share with us their vision, their treasures and a few secrets.

Who are you, Véro? What is your relationship with Bolivia?

My name is Verónica Navarro, I’m 31 and I’m a travel designer for Thaki Voyage. I come from La Paz, the wonderful city that is the administrative capital of Bolivia, a city that leaves no one indifferent …

Tell us about your latest trip to Bolivia?

My last trip was to the South Lipez, on a field trip with Thaki Voyage. I was able to revisit the Salar d’Uyuni, which I had visited a few years ago, but I also had the pleasure of discovering the magical destination of Samawa, a little-known and little-explored territory: it’s like being in a Star Wars scenario, and it’s a place where only Thaki Voyage can take you!

What's your favourite object from Bolivia?

My favourite object is a white handkerchief, which I use to dance the Cueca Paceña, a traditional Bolivian dance that retraces the stages of love, with the elegance that characterises the Chola Paceña, an Andean woman who carries in her skirts the strength and struggle of Bolivian women.

And your favourite place to recharge your batteries in La Paz, or anywhere else?

My favourite place to recharge my batteries in La Paz is Montículo de Sopocachi. It’s a viewpoint where I used to cycle with my parents when I was a child, a place of peaceful nights and incredible views that I experienced with my husband, and the place where I take my daughter to run and play on sunny days. It’s also where I grew up and lived for many years, so being there, even for a short time, gives me peace.

What's your favourite culinary speciality here?

My favourite Bolivian speciality is Salteña, and I always recommend it to anyone visiting the country. Bolivians consider it a snack, but it can also be served as lunch.

What's your best memory of your trip to Bolivia?

I have a lot of great memories, so it would be difficult to choose just one, but I can mention the one that always comes to mind, the catamaran trip to Chuquiñapi, for the feeling of freedom you get from the waves of Lake Titicaca.

Finally: a book, music album or artist to recommend to future travellers?

La Bolivie est synonyme de culture et de folklore. C’est le berceau de grands artistes. Pour mieux connaître la Bolivie et sa musique, sa littérature et sa danse, les voyageurs ne doivent pas manquer Matilde Casazola, Willy Claure, Savia Andina, Los Jairas … et pour ceux qui aiment le rock, mais veulent aussi connaître les rythmes boliviens, je recommande le groupe Atajo.