Take a 3 week trip to Peru and Bolivia

19 November 2019


Why not take a 3-week trip to Peru and Bolivia? Since these two countries border each other, visiting both in one trip is easily manageable. To make this happen, you should plan on a good twenty days.

First, you need to choose between the two types of itineraries; you could, in fact, make a loop (coming back to your starting point) or also make a trip starting in one place and ending in another. This second option has the advantage of allowing you to cover more distance.

To successfully pull off your Peru-Bolivia tour in 3 weeks, plan on being flexible. Most of all, don’t overbook your schedule, since the unexpected can always happen. It’s important to take care to schedule time “off” to make up for a delayed flight or a cancelled bus, for example.


If you want your 3-week journey in Peru and Bolivia to be a success, certain sites are essential and should not be passed up!

The beauty of Bolivia lies in its natural, preserved, and wild sites. Because the environment is so varied, the changes in scenery are constant; mountains, primitive forests, and lagoons are succeed each other, one after the other, showing a beauty that is both pleasing to the eye and to the senses.

In this way, you can discover rare species of flora and fauna nestled in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Le Salar d’Uyuni is also something you don’t want to miss during any trip to this South American country; located at 3658 meters above sea level, this is one of the largest stretches of salt flats on the planet. So you should plan to spend a few days in Sud lipez; Indeed, this region of the southernmost part of the country will make an impression on you.

Bolivia is also made up of authentic villages and cities. La Paz, the administrative capital, and Sucre, the constitutional capital, will captivate you with their cultural richness.

Continue your 3-week trip in Peru and Bolivia by visiting the famous Lake Titicaca, the highest-altitude navigable lake in the world. This lake is located in the Andes, which form a natural border between the two countries. Therefore, it offers an excellent transition for your 3-week tour of Peru and Bolivia.


What would a trip to Peru be without discovering its capital city, Lima? This magnificent city, located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, is an essential step; visiting the Miraflores neighborhood and the historic downtown constitute an excellent introduction to the discovery of the country.

Machu Picchu is, hands down, the star of Peru. It represents a perfect marriage between the work of nature and that of man. One thing is certain, you cannot pass it up during your 3-week exploration of Peru and Bolivia!

The Incan capital, Cuzco, perched 3400 meters above sea level, is also a must-see for your itinerary. You can also take advantage of the bird’s eye view of Vinicunca – the Mountain of 7 colors – and the famous Nazca figures.

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