We’re back

22 September 2021


Thaki's comeback

After more than a year without many customers, the Thaki team is gradually getting back to work. The first is to develop community tourism, and the second is to create a tourist circuit based on well-being, relaxation and yoga. To develop these two areas, two trainees, Alice and Loan, have started working with Thaki. Alice is 34 years old, French and passionate about yoga and hiking, while Loan is 23 years old, Swiss and passionate about sport, travel and Latin America.

A long-standing partner and supporter of the Bolivian communities

From the outset, Thaki has worked hand-in-hand with a number of communities, helping them to develop their visitor facilities and diversify their offer. For many travellers, these communities are an excellent alternative to places that are too busy for tourists, and they also provide a real opportunity to immerse themselves in a different way of life. Indeed, each community has its own traditions, customs, gastronomy and way of doing things, and that’s what makes these communities so interesting.

Luribay, green oasis and land of presidents

This weekend, the Thaki team was in Luribay, a community in the La Paz region that specialises in the production of wine and singani. Its vineyards are the highest in the world and among the oldest in Latin America, and the valley is the birthplace of 3 former presidents. These historical features, its mild, pleasant climate all year round, and its beautiful landscapes, with lush green orchards contrasting with the reddish rocks of the mountains, make Luribay a popular destination for Bolivians, but still little known to foreigners.

More and more new products

Over the coming weeks, the Thaki team will be planning a number of other excursions to visit our partners and find new ones. From Sajama and Potosi to Lake Titicaca and the Cordillera Real, the ultimate aim is to create a genuine community-based tourist circuit, as varied as possible, in solidarity with the communities and in the most beautiful parts of the country. So Luribay was the first visit of a long series!