Blog : running

Are you planning a trip to Bolivia in the upcoming months or are you preparing your itinerary ? Or maybe you are just back from a trip in this beautiful country, and like many others, you fell in love with the country? Then, this blog is for you.

Besides keeping you updated with local news, this blog provides all kind of information and suggestions for your first or next trip to the Andes Cordillera. Always focusing on hiking, trekking, discovering and human adventures, the blog Travels Bolivia is a nice way to anticipate or extend an unforgettable stay, where you will meet a culture and a nature like you’ve never seen before.

Salt deserts, majestic volcanoes above 6000 m, lamas, condors, myths and legends of Quechuas and Aymara communities and their Inca ancestors… Few countries like Bolivia have so much to offer to their guests.

Through this blog, let yourself be tempted by new sporty and wild adventures, according to your pace, to be lived by foot or with a private vehicle.

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