Tacana Community

The Tacana community is coming from the pre-inca time. They are coming from the bolivian amazon and live in the departments of la Paz, Beni and Pando. The majority of them are living from the agricuture (coffee, cacao, yuca etc…), fishing, logging, traditional craft and also from eco-tourism which represents a real economic engine.


Rurrenabaque, is often cited like the gateway to Madidi Park. You will have the choice between the jungle and the pampa like the Pampas of Yacuma located on the west and along the Yacuma river. Experts of the zone, many members of the Tacana community are leading travel agencies and lodges. For sure, you will have the possibility to discover more about their culture and traditions once you will be there! This community is also well known for cosmology which is the subject of researches and studies.


The UNDP (United Nations of the Development Programme) has recently recognized the efforts made by the community to protect the environment, the biodiversity and rainforest.