Ascent of Parinacota Volcano

Parinacota Volcano (Alt. 6.330 m) belongs to the stratovolcano family, and forms with the Pomerape volcano, its neighbour, the Nevados Payachatas… or the twins in Aymara language.

The ascent of Parinacota doesn’t have any technical difficulty. Though, at the end of the season, the presence of penitents makes the ascent very demanding physically. The ascent starts from the base camp at 5150 m above sea level, at the base of the volcano. An approach march on the volcano side leads to the glacier at around 5800 m. Climbing on its dome is like climbing every other volcano: you never see the summit…

But at the top, you’ll be rewarded with the gorgeous crater and a magnificent view on Pomerape as well as on Sajama volcano.

Ascent of Parinacota to enjoy the peace of wide outdoors

According to the beliefs of Altiplano local people, the Nevados Payachatas, formed by Parinacota and Pomerape volcanoes, are sacred mountains. Actually, the spirits of their ancestors may be incarnated in those twin giants. The truth is that they emanate a kind of mystic aura. It looks like they pop out of nowhere on the border with Bolivia and Chile, and they overlook proudly the highlands.

The ascent of Parinacota, besides the gorgeous views, is greatly enjoyed for the peace that reigns, the place being less frequented than Alpine summits or Himalayan massifs. Here you can have a unique experience, and feel connected with the place and the landscape.

The ascent of Parinacota, though accessible to determinated walkers, remains a physically tough ascent. Of course, you’ll need a good previous acclimation so that your ascent unfolds in the best conditions. Certified IFMGA guides will accompany you during this experience, and will provide you advice and information about Parinacota and its surroundings all along the ascent.

Parinacota (6.330 m)Climbs / descentsWalking Time
Day 1 > Base Camp+ 140 m 1 h
Day 2 > Sajama Village+ 1200 m / - 1340 m 10 to 12 h