Discovery of Sajama

The Sajama National Park is one of the oldest national park in Bolivia and a truly magical place! A region steeped in local legend where small communities continue to live there for generations, raising lamas on the vast and wild plains. Wild alpaca and vicuna roam the altiplano in the shadow of the surrounding mountains and volcanoes such as Parinacota (6330m), Pomerape (6280m) and the majestic Sajama (6542m) : highest peak in Bolivia.


You will be charmed by the beauty of the lagoons and the diversity of the fauna : lamas, alpacas, vicuñas, vizcachas… We will make a stop at the villages of Tomarapi and Sajama. Of course, you will also appreciate the delightful thermal baths in a 40°C+ warm water and the many geysers that burst from of the ground.


The area around Sajama offers other beauties and interesting places to visit such as Curahuara de Carangasand its beautiful colonial church, PultumaPumiri : an enchanted and petrified city, Las chullpas polícromas del Río Lauca (…). Equally enchanting are the farming communities, where locals enjoy sharing their traditions and hearty recipes.