Sajama Park


Discovery of Sajama National Park

The Sajama National Park in Bolivia is a magic place, wide and wild. There’s a special atmosphere, made of legends and real life of local inhabitants.

Majestic volcanoes like the twins Parinacota and Pomerape, and of course the Sajama, the highest peak of Bolivia which culminates at 6542 m above sea level, will enthral us.

Hiking to the magnificent lakes will amaze you!

In Sajama in Bolivia lives a rich and varied fauna: lamas, alpacas, vicunas, and viscachas keep the landscape animated. Incredible villages like Tomarapi or Sajama will host us. Geysers, potholes with bubbling water, 40ºC spring water in natural pools will relax us.


We hope you will let yourself be amazed by the beauty of the landscapes, and the enchantment of the place. Not to be forgotten, the surroundings of the Sajama National Park, which offer many attractions, many of them unknown: Curahuara de Carangas and its beautiful colonial church with gorgeous mural paintings; close from there you’ll find the Pultuma site with its exceptional cave paintings from the pre-Columbian era… or the site of Pumiri and its astonishing Stone City… the “Chullpas” of Rio Lauca and its superb polychrome tombs… A whole program that may let us stay a few more days.

Discovering the oldest Bolivian National Park

Founded in 1939, to protect the highest queñuas (Typical Andean trees) forest of the world, the Sajama National Park spreads around the massive eponym volcano which overlooks the altiplano from its 6548 m above sea level. Located in the Andean high plateaux next to the border with Chile, Sajama National Park will dazzle you with its bright mineral colours, among the most vivid of South America.

Mirror lakes with blue shimmers, yellow steps as far as the eyes, pristine white mounts rising into the azure sky… Sajama National Park is a festival for the eyes, and anyone venturing there will undoubtedly be fascinated, those who visit South America for the first time as well as Andes purists.

If you’re lucky enough, you may see an Andean armadillo or fox. The Sajama region is a sanctuary for altitude fauna, of which a part is threatened of extinction.

There’s a must see in Sajama National Park: it’s volcanic hot springs. What’s better than a natural pool of warm water with an incredible view on the Sajama Volcano to relax after a trek?

Since 2003, Sajama National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site. This reflects the unique importance of this region for the American Continent