Travel differently: Responsible and sustainable Tourism in Bolivia

Responsible tourism in Bolivia: a way to support local development

Promoting economic development, guaranteeing fair earnings and decent living conditions to local populations are part of the main principles of responsible tourism in Bolivia. Far from standardized hotel complexes, we propose touristic circuits that will allow you to meet with the real Bolivia and its inhabitants in an ethic way. Discover Bolivian craftsmanship and traditions, share authentic moments of life with different communities respecting their culture: that is also responsible tourim in Bolivia!

Admire and preserve a unique natural heritage thanks to sustainable tourism in Bolivia

Choosing sustainable tourism in Bolivia, is having the possibility to contemplate Titicaca Lake or Uyuni salt flats far from the main touristic crowds, respecting local communities. From remote doors to the Amazon rainforest to jagged peaks of the Royal Cordillera, gorgeous Bolivian landscapes can’t leave anyone indifferent. But those natural gems, spared from mass tourism so far, are fragile. Sustainable tourism in Bolivia is the best way to discover the wildest places while having a limited impact on the environment and promoting the preservation of natural resources. You’d like to discover Bolivia in a different way? Don’t hesitate to have a look at our suggestions of sustainable and responsible tours.