Ultra Bolivia Race 2018, more than just a race….a true Human and Sports Adventure

11 October 2018


Since 2014, Thaki Voyage has been working with Canal Aventure on the world’s highest stage race, the Ultra Bolivia Race: a self-sufficient 220km foot race in 7 stages with 2,400 metres of positive ascent, in the Bolivian Altiplano, around the world’s largest salt desert, the Salar d’Uyuni.

Canal Aventure, created in 2011, is a travel agency specialising in the organisation of extreme sporting events, Ultramarathons, across 5 continents: Vietnam for Asia, Australia for Oceania, Norway for Europe, Mozambique for Africa and of course Bolivia for America. These competitions are all about adventure and sport, of course, but they are also about cultural discovery while respecting local populations and preserving their environment.

When Canal Aventure contacted Thaki Voyage, looking for a local partner in Bolivia to carry out its project, we naturally responded favourably because of our shared values.

Today, 3 editions of the Ultra Bolivia Race have been successfully completed, and the next one will take place in 2020. Registration is now open: http://www.canal-aventure.com/ultra-bolivia-race-inscription

“The Ultra BOLIVIA Race is a superb, unforgettable adventure that will take your breath away through the different landscapes and the welcoming population…”. Christophe Martin (France)

An account by Anne Bialek, our co-founder and participant in the latest edition of the Ultra Bolivia Race, which took place from 24 to 30 September 2018

Ultra Bolivia Race 2018, more than just a race….a true Human and Sports Adventure…..

I came very close to the podium, but I finished proudly in 4th place.

An incredible race with lots of twists and turns! Emotionally powerful, mentally testing and physically demanding.

I threw myself into this great challenge of 220kms on my own at an altitude of over 3600m. It was my first Ultra experience. I arrived with my mountain gear….runners wondered how I could run with such a rucksack. It wasn’t easy, of course, but feeling that my back was still sore, I made the best of it.

It was a long 7 days for a first Ultra. There were exhilarating moments and moments of suffering.

I really excelled on the first day, which was a great race. I finished at the same time as Jenifer, an Ultra champion from Hong Kong. At the time, I had left the Italians far behind, an hour behind.

The third day was also a great moment… a beautiful, more hilly race where I felt in great shape.

Then I was struck down by a severe case of angina. I couldn’t breathe and the stage to Tahua was a real sufferer. The Italians had left me behind. But I wasn’t worried yet. I had the lead.

I found myself back on the salar with a great catch. I followed Jenifer. But I soon felt two people closing in on me. They were Chiara and Laura, the two Italians who were behind me in the overall rankings. It was a great battle of wives that day. I managed to keep up with them, without falling too far behind. After keeping a low profile for the first 4 stages, perhaps to save their energy, they set a hell of a pace on the last 3 stages. They were formidable! I held my own on the 5th day on the salar… but the next day, it was impossible to keep up with them. They took off like arrows on this 42km stage. Their technique was unstoppable. Impressive and very professional.

It was hard to last 7 days on freeze-dried food with little variety…I couldn’t stand the powders and energisers any more, and it was hard to cope with the limited hygiene conditions….my one T-shirt was sticking to my skin and I was dreaming of washing and changing….but it was a real adventure and I lived it!