Uyuni Salt Flats: between sky and earth

10 October 2019


As travelers, we always wonder which period is the ideal one to visit a country, either to enjoy a special event, or to have the best climate, to allow us to enjoy fully all the activities we are planning to take.

It is recommended to travel in Bolivia during the dry season, which is from April to November. Indeed, during the rainy season, many visits are not possible because of the bad weather conditions (especially for the mountains lovers… Anne Bialek, my colleague and mountain expert, can only confirm).

It could be hard to believe that it is actually during the rainy season that the Salt Flats unveils its most beautiful landscapes !! But that’s definitely the truth … The Uyuni Salt flats will take us by surprise one more time and leave us stunned by its beauty. For those among us who like the rain, you have one more reason to love it.

The rain falls and fills the Salar little by little. The combination is then magical. The largest Salt Flat in the world transforms into an infinite mirror.

That’s when the most beautiful pictures are taken, thanks to a unique optical illusion … We believe we could touch the sky (even be part of it).

This natural set up made Uyuni Salt Flats one of the most famous destination for romantic lovers who want to spend a honeymoon by moonlight in the desert.


Come discover the magic of the Uyuni Salt Flats with Thaki … you won’t be disappointed!

Credits : Walter Sandoval