Travel to Bolivia and Covid-19

7 April 2020

Media Portal

Bolivia, like most of the countries in the world, is facing a health crisis because of the coronavirus epidemia. If the boarders are currently closed, your project to travel to Bolivia should not be abandoned yet.

Situation and emergency measures in Bolivia

To try to slow down the Covid-19 spread in Bolivia, the country has announced, since the outbreak of the very first cases, the stop of the Air traffic from and to Europe. The citizens of the most touched countries by the virus, like China, were not allowed to enter the bolivian territory.

By declaring the health emergency the 22nd of March, the bolivian government is applying the quarantine. From now on, only one person per household can go out of the house, once a week, to buy products of first necessity. Going out during week-ends is forbidden.

As well, to inform the Bolivian population about the evolution of the pandemia in the country, the website Bolivia Segura gives daily information about number of cases and preventive gestures to adopt.

All these radical measures are, of course, intended to slow down the spread of the epidemia of Coronavirus in Bolivia as quick as possible. Covid-19 has as well a considerable impact on the country’s economy, especially in the tourism sector.

Postponing your trip to Bolivia

As tourism actors in Bolivia (travel agencies, hotels, airline companies …) don’t perceive any help from the governement during this difficult period, we invite all travelers to postpone their trip, rather than canceling it. This way, we could try to limit the heavy financial losses expected in this sector.

Once the crisis will be finished, it will be again possible to plan your trip to Bolivia and come discover the immensity of the Salt Flats, Salar d’Uyuni, and the wonderful lakes of the South Lipez region.

While we are all waiting for a more favorable time to come, it is the ideal moment for you to inform yourself about the treasures of Bolivia and dream about your next excursions, while staying safe home.


Anne Bialek and Jérôme Benassi, co-founders of the agency Thaki Travel.