South Lipez


Discovery of the South Lipez

The South Lipez is the end of the end of Bolivia. Endless lands and skies, land of adventure, tough, hostile, but so enchanting. The Lipez region is reserved for exception lovers, seeking quirky beauties. Or may be in search of themselves…

South Lipez in Bolivia, discover a region out of the beaten tracks

South Lipez is one of the 16 provinces of Potosi department. Potosi is one of the highest cities in the world. It hosts many architectural treasures, mainly baroque, of South America. You’ll be amazed entering the Santa Teresa church, or visiting the Casa de La Moneda.

But Thaki Travel is not limited to must-see, it would be too easy. Actually marvels out of the beaten tracks such as Ciudad Roma or Samawa Valley will definitely surprise you. A real crush… A Thaki exclusivity.

Visiting South Lipez is the opportunity to sleep in a salt hotel and have a dip in 35ºC hot springs, when it’s freezing outside: the experience is unforgettable. Climb a volcano such as Uturuncu topping at 6008 m and discover a landscape with varied colours, an incredible fauna, here’s another experience to try in Sud Lipez. The train cemetery in Uyuni will leave you with an ‘’end of the world’’ feeling.

South Lipez in Bolivia for self-discovery

The fact is one can feel alone in this endless polychrome mineral world, spotted from time to time by rock sculpted by the centuries, a geyser, a volcano in the distance, some vicunas, a lonely fox or a flock of pink flamingos by a lakeshore with strange colours, changing with the hour.

Wind, sand, stone, breathtaking landscapes with the Laguna Colorada (Red lake), the Laguna Verde (Green lake), or Siloli Desert… some of the many marvels to be discovered. Lipez region is limited by snowy ridges, and many volcanoes in the distance (Licancabur, Uturuncu, Iruputuncu or Alto Toroni…). Of course, you can add the ascent of a volcano to your expedition in the South Lipez region.

The sun (Be wary at midday) plays with the rocks and the sand, generating colours shades from yellow to ocre, pink to purple at dusk or dawn.

This experience, out of time, in the South Lipez region in Bolivia, will end with the highly expected discovery of Uyuni salt flats.