Alto Toroni Ascent


Discovery of the Alto Toroni volcano

The Alto Toroni or Sillajhuay volcano (6002 m) is sandwiched between the Salar de Uyuni and the Salar de Coipasa, snowy all the year, it gives a “high mountain” atmosphere.


Departure is from the lost village of Llica located in the northwest of the Salar de Uyuni. Two hours will lead you through Bella Vista to the minors camp of Sillajhuay (4,655 m). The 4×4 will then pull you up to the sulfur farm at 5510 m. But, according to the state of the track, this can be also lower. From there, progress is made on the full West ridge amongst the rocks, then on the snow. A large flat area located at 4,750 m will offer you a great view from the top of the Alto Toroni which rises at 6002 m.


If you have forgotten your studs, unfortunately, you won’t be able to continue to reach the top of the Alto Toroni. Indeed, the slope below the watchtower is too strong to venture there without equipment, with the risk of hurtle down the slopes of the volcano. Well equipped, you will quietly climb along the ridge to reach the summit ridge of the Alto Toroni which shortly exceeds the 6,000 meters. The view is emerging on the Salar de Coipasa and the Salar de Uyuni. A great race offering breathtaking landscapes!

Alto Toroni (6.002 m) Climbs / descentsWalking Time
Day 1 > Llica +750 m / - 750 m5 to 6h