Licancabur Ascent



Licancabur volcano (Alt. 5916 m), is the volcanic star of the South Lipez region. Its shape is displayed in every travel agency of Bolivia. It looks beautiful with its perfect cone shape overlooking the turquoise waters of Laguna Verde (Green Lake). It is located at the extreme south of Sud Lipez region, at the border with Chile, next to the road to San Pedro de Atacama.

Licancabur Volcano is frequented by physical efforts enthusiasts!!! Actually, Licancabur ascent is just as we love ascents: departure in the night, tough weather conditions (strong and freezing wind), huge elevation difference…

You’ll have to start climbing through a giant scree, which sticks with the classic ‘One step beyond, three steps backwards’. But your efforts will be rewarded discovering the frozen little lake in the middle of the crater, and most of all with the view over the Laguna Blanca (White lake) and of course over the Laguna Verde (Green Lake). Enjoy it as much as you can, because the descent is as exhausting as the ascent. You’re warned.

Offer yourself a trip to Mars in the heart on the Andes

It is frequently said that the Bolivian province of South Lipez, as well as the neighbour Chilean province of Loa, is the region on Earth that looks most alike Mars surface, at the period when it had liquid water. Red soils due to iron oxide, volcanic mountains, and altitude lakes with active planktonic life… These uncommon landscapes can only amaze.

Licancabur volcano was the place of an intense Inca activity. Nowadays, many remains witness the presence of this great antic civilization in the area. You will observe them during the entire ascent. Over two countries, at the crossroads of civilizations, mirror of a neighbour planet, Licancabur Volcano is definitely a must go site of South-West Bolivia!

Licancabur volcano, touristic ambassador of the region for its iconic shape, is a real challenge to climb, as well as a fascinating topic for studies. At the top, you’ll forget quickly the ascent and its difficulties, enjoying a breathtaking view over Chili and the Altiplano.

Licancabur (5.916 m)Climbs / descentsWalking Time
Day 1 > Laguna Verde+1295 m / -1295 m 8 to 10h