Discovery of the Chearoco

In the middle of the Cordillera Real, two massive are classified under the category of “undown” the Chachacomani (6074 m) and his neighbor the Chearoco (6.127 m). Very few offered, some guides ventured it by the tropical eastern slope side. But these summits are also accessible from the Altiplano slope, which makes the logistics easier.

The Chearoco is an imposing massif, highly aesthetic, made up of vertical walls, edges and impressive seracs.

It is also the 6,000 of the Cordillera Real which with the Illampu represent the normal way most engaged: you climbs its southwest face on a sustained slope (65 °) to reach a plateau overlooking long glacial crevasses and then crosses a last wall before reaching the summit ridge. It remains to climb a rocky peak and ice to reach the summit.


The descent from the southeast ridge offers amazing views, pfff… Sorry, the superlatives end up missing in Bolivia! The Chearoco is a glacial race ma-gni-fi-que!

Chearoco (6.127 m)Climbs / descentsWalking Time
Day 1 > Base Camp+ 525 m / - 500 m4 to 5 h
Day 2 > Altitude Camp+ 410 m2 h
Day 3 > Base Camp+ 980 m / - 1390 m10 to 12 h
Day 4 > La Paz+ 295 m / - 280 m3 to 4 h