Cordillera Real


The Cordillera Real

The Cordillera Real called “New World Himalaya” by Austrian climbers is the most famous mountains of Bolivia. Its evocative name is enough to attract the greed of hikers and mountaineers… It stretches along a southeast-northwest axis nearly 150 kilometers.


The Cordillera Real includes a large number of peaks over 6,000 meters and has western and eastern slopes with very different aspects. To the west, the steep peaks come to die on the Altiplano. To the east, the mountain range plunges at low altitude towards the Amazon basin and the Rio Paraguay. On this side, the vegetation is more varied. It is aimed primarily to people accustomed to heights and demonstrating a strong motivation.

The Cordillera offers the joy of a wild trek rewarded with breathtaking views of the many glaciers.

The great crossing of the Cordillera Real satisfy lovers of large areas, with experience in demanding altitude treks and off trails. Some sections are reserved for harden athletes.


To make it totally requires 15 days walk from the picturesque village of Sorata to the foot of Huayna Potosi (6088 m).


The first part is the wildest, the most difficult too (crossed out trails, downhill scree …). The second part (from Huayna Potosi to Laguna Khotia) is for its busiest and will also prove easier.


A small acclimatization trek to the foot of Illimani (6.439m) will also have beautiful views of this magnificent glacier, emblem of La Paz. It offers, among other delights, the ability to rise to the Nest of the Condor, altitude camp of the ascent of this mountain. The beginners andinist will enjoy, without insurmountable, effort the extreme beauty of glaciers.


Going up north of the Cordillera Real from Huayna Potosi (6088 m), we arrive at the Laguna Chiarkhota, base camp several nice tops. Everyone will find shoes and crampons at its foot. For acclimatization and warm up the Pequeño Alpamayo (5370 m) is perfect. And for those looking for a sports climbing, aerial and technical, the Condoriri (5.648 m) will be their Andean nirvana!


Further north, in the middle of the Cordillera Real, two massive are classified under the category of “unpublished”, the Chachacomani (6074 m) and Chearoco (6.127 m). Very few offered, some guides ventured it by the tropical eastern slope side. But these summits are also accessible from the Altiplano slope, in stunning glacial environment.


Northern Cordillera Real offers the majestic Illampu (6368 m), the top technical standard routes. The views are breathtaking again on its neighbor Ancohuma (6427 m), also physical, certainly, but less technical. Illampu (6368 m), together with the Pico Schulz (5900 m) form a beautiful circus of cliffs and ice, the latter offering a real ascension “pleasure”.


This magnificent mountain range is a playground and an endless supply of challenges for “mountain people” ascension enthusiasts.