Discovery of the Acotango

The Acotango (6.032m) belongs to the family of the stratovolcanos and constitue with his neightbors, the Humarata and Cerro Capurata volcanos,  the Nevados Quimsachatas… the triplets in aymara language. They are situated at the border of Chile.


Its orientation follows a north-south line. He suffered severe erosion, but the lava flows on its north side are young, suggesting that Acotango has been active in his youth. This volcano shaped like a large open crater.

The ascent of Acotango volcano presents no technical difficulty.

However, wind and cold can make it painful and hard physically, especially late in the season (from September) when penitents get involved !!


The Acotango has the advantage to avoid sleeping in tents before his assault. It is possible to spend a “half night” warm (more or less!) in a shelter in the village of Sajama. To access the main summit, we have to follow its peaks, wonderful route, offering breathtaking views on Parinacota and Pomerape volcanoes and the Sajama.

Acotango (6.032 m)Climbs / descentsWalking Time
Day 1 > Sajama Village+ 950 m / - 950 m 9 to 11 h