Discovery of the Pomerape volcano

The Parinacota volcano with the Pomerape cover together what we call the «Payachatas » twins. The latter is often misneglected by the Andean climbers, who prefer its neighbor, most probably for its beautiful crater at its summit.


However, the Pomerape volcano deserves to be known, both for the interest of the ascent, varied and technical, and for the magnificent views it offers on the other volcanos near by. For those who want to discover the famous crater of Parinacota. Believe us, you won’t be disppointed … from the summit of the Pomerape, you will discover an extraordinary perspective on the crater of the Parinacota volcano, dominating the Chungara Laguna in Chile and the Acotango volcano in the background.


The normal ascent is done from the north side, on gentle slopes on the flanks of the volcano. We recommed you cross it from south to north, to vary the scenery. If the begining of the ascent is done on easy slopes, they set upright on the second part to become quite steep, with a 60º slope, on the last 150 meters before the summit. That’s exactly what makes this ascent more attractive for climbers : it combines the pleasure of a real ascent, quite technical, with breathtaking views on the Western Cordillera.

Pomerape (6.222 m)Climbs / descentsWalking Time
Inkamarka – Base Camp+ 140 m 1 h
Base Camp - Pomerape Crossing - Sajama Village+1150 m / - 1130 m 14 to 16 h