Discovery of the Illampu

Dominant the refreshing Sorata valley, the majestic Illampu (6368 m) is probably the most aesthetic of the peaks of the Cordillera Real…


The Illampu shape with the massif of Ancohuma one massif with an area of ​​about 200 km2.


Climbing back up a glacial valley, it is then necessary to tackle its 350 m of inclined wall at 65º before continuing with a long steep and windy ridge to the summit (6368 m).

The Illampu is a beautiful climb, and represents one of the most difficult normal way…  This is an adventure for experienced andinists in search of physical performance.

Again, the views are breathtaking on his neighbor the Ancohuma, too physical, certainly, but less technical.


Illampu shape with its immediate neighbor, the Pico Schulz, a beautiful circus, kingdom of verticality, ice cathedrals, peaks and ridges aerial … Coming one of another these two summits, what a better dream?


For experienced andinists and explorers at heart, it is possible to get to the other side of the massif Illampu by its eastern side, from the village of Coocoyo… starting point of many peaks still unknown as the Pic Northern Illampu (largest secondary peak of the Illampu 6,030 m) or the Gorra de Hielo.

Illampu (6.368 m) Climbs / descentsWalking Time
Day 1 > Base Camp +900 m / -260 m4 h
Day 2 > Altitude Camp +650 m / -225 m 4 to 5 h
Day 3 > Base Camp +1.450 m / -1.875 m 14 to 15 h
Day 4 > Sorata +245 m / -870 m 3 h