Discovery of Sajama

Lovers of volcanoes will be filled of joy when discovering the majestic Sajama Park. A very special atmosphere prevails with emerging volcanoes of land. However these volcanoes give mostly a headache. They have something particular. It is freezing cold and the wind is very violent. It looks very easy from far ! But the slopes never end … On the sides of the mountain, the climbs and descents are steeper than expected and hide wrong summits… each climb hide an illusive flat follow by an other climb… the summit never shows, that can be very discouraging.

Sajama volcano, the highest point of Bolivia with its 6542 meters.

The latter belongs to the family of stratovolcanoes and is both physically demanding and quite technical. It presents a very steep slope (55º) above the high camp and a mixed and exposed passageway before reaching its dome.


This makes it a much more impressive and challenging summit than what it looks like !!

Sajama (6.542 m)Climbs / descentsWalking Time
Day 1 > Base Camp+ 375 m / - 10 m 2 to 3 h
Day 2 > Altitude Camp+ 840 m / - 25 m 4 to 5 h
Day 3 > Sajama Village+ 910 m / - 2090 m 12 to 13 h