Discovery of the Condoriri

The Condoriri massif is a magical garden where a dozen highest snowcapped peaks: the Head of the Condor(5648 m), with its two adjacent vertices – the Right Wing (5480 m) and the Left Wing (5560 m) – takes the shape of a condor with its wings folded, the impressives rock walls of Wyoming peak (5420 m), the beautiful slender peak of the Pequeño Alpamayo (5.410 m) …


The Condoriri massif discovered up towards northern of Cordillera Real. We then arrive at the Laguna Chiarkhota, base camp of those appealing summits, instead of well-attended meeting, so for early risers who will go before dawn in all directions. Again, what a choice! Everyone will find shoes and crampons at its foot.

For those looking for a sports climbing, air and technique, the Head of the Condor (5648 m), called Condoriri will be their Andean nirvana!

In the program, 150 meters of an inclined 60º ice corridor, which leads to the summit edge… a real delight.


And for the more adventurous, the Left Wing Condoriri (5.560 m) is the perfect challenge. The latter, also called “Ventinani” was climbed for the first time, in 1979 by a prestigious roped composed of Frederick Pimienta, Anselme Baud and Alain Mesili. This summit is fascinating. Its impressive vertical wall with a height of 300 meters gives chilling to non mountaineers who observe from the Pic Austria.


The challenge is worth it : it’s a great race, aerial and athletic, for maximum sensation in a unique scenery !

Condoriri (5.648 m)Climbs / descentsWalking Time
Day 1 > Chiarkhota Lagoon+ 300 m / - 75 m3 h
Day 2 > Chiarkhota Lagoon+ 1000 m / - 1000 m 10 to 12 h
Day 3 > La Paz+ 75 m / - 300 m2 h