Discovery of Argentina's northwest

Argentina’s northwest, is a large area of ​​Argentina, which covers the provinces of Jujuy, Salta, Catamarcaand Tucumán. This region is synonymous of culture and traditions, it is also one of the most exotic and engaging region of the country.


Argentina is amazing but the northwest maybe more. Between hardiness and modernism, towns and rural areas, areas and fertile highlands, deserts and flowering valleys, leather boots and fine wines, Indians and whites, authenticity is required.


Here, there isn’t any artificial culture to maintain in order to bring tourists, no progress to challenge any excessive capital. Breeders love their ponchos whose colors emphasize the origin of each and whose wool (llama or sheep) and the type of weave adapt to the seasons.


Iruya dead-end, Tilcara the sophisticated , Purmamarca and his craft market, Salta the beautiful, the National Park of los Cardonnes and his  line of Tintin, the desolate Poma, the peaceful CachiCafayate and its vineyards, as many pleasants stops under a deep blue sky (altitude requires).


And the more adventurous, could spend a beautiful journey through the region of La Puna, highlands backed to the Andes where you could see deserts rub shoulders, dunes, salt flats, lagoons and interesting geological formations…