Discovery of Peru

Peru is an amazing country of contrast and diversity : from the imposing Cordillera of the Andes, to its wild Pacific coast and deserts which are among the driest in the world, to the immense humid plains of the Amazon. Something to satisfy each taste of discovery and adventure!


Peru, more importantly, will satisfy lovers of archeology. It offers a range of cited more mysterious as each other. Inca civilization is only the latest in a long line of cultures.


Every year, new sites are discovered (ChoquequiaroCaralCahuachiSipan…), so riches than they compete with the legendary Machu Picchu.


Peru is exceptionally rich for lovers of cultural history with, in particular, Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire and “center of the world” .


Take enough time in the colonial cities (Lima, the colorful metropolis or Arequipa, the white city) and archaeological sites to be spread through most of these amazing civilizations.


Go and meet these people through a moment of life with a Quechua or Aymara community near Lake Titicaca.
Beautiful emotions and a change of scenery guaranteed !