Discovering the Bolivian Amazon

What’s better than an immersive trip into the Amazonian forest to recharge batteries far from the urban bustle and enjoy a remarkable biodiversity? Amazon spreads over a vast territory. From Brazil to Peru, through Colombia, this mythical forest is also present in Bolivia.

Wild nature, legends and beliefs mingle in the Bolivian Amazonia and its well-kept secrets. This part of the world is so dense that its exploration brings amazing knowledge, particularly about properties of medicinal plants, and allows observing a unique fauna.

Comfortably installed in a lodge, surrounded with the unusual noises of the Amazonian jungle, the experience is unforgettable and authentic. From Rurrenabaque, embark now to discover the Bolivian Amazon!

The Amazon and its secrets

The Bolivian Amazonia : a very well hidden secret, covering one third of the Bolivan territory. This is where, in a few hours only, you will go from the “Sun Temple” to the “Broken ear”, from the bare andean landscapes to the lush tropical greenery: the Bolivian Amazonia, even for many Bolivians, remains one of the most protected secrets, still widely unexplored, and is one of the most precious treasures, both for its nature and culture.

The Bolivian Amazonia, wilder and less touristic than its brazilian neighbor, has attracted a lot of naturalits and antropologists; from Alcide d’Orbigny to Claude Lévi-Strauss, for its exceptional bio-diversity and its surprising human and cultural diversity. We talk about uncountable dialtects and thousands of plant and bird species, some of which you will never find elsewhere.

Everyone will agree on the necessity to preserve such a heritage for humanity, as long as possible, and with the biggest respect.

An unforgettable trip with Thaki in the Bolivian Amazon

Thaki’s offer, respectful of the nature and the development of communities with whom you will be able to spend a warm moment, is spreading little by little in this region where there is still a lot to discover. From the beautiful small town of Rurrenabaque  to the Madidi Parc, as well as the Pampa Yacuma reserve and other unforgettable experiences.


Some ideas among many others : walk in the humidity of the jungle while hearing the macaw screaming – on paths that you would never take whitout guide not to risk to be lost for days – or as well share a refreshing swim with the pink dolfines, try to find the anaconda in the swamp, eat a rice ball sandwich spiced up with lezard tail, etc … but, chtttt … let’s keep all these secrets between us : Thaki has way more adventures to offer you, for our big pleasure, and we would love to share them with you.