Ullakaya and Condorini


Discovery of the Ullakaya and the Condorini

The first ascent of the Ullakaya or Huelancalloc is attributed to the Germans, Karl Warner, Hans Wimmer and Hans Richter in 1957.


Going up to the Cordillera Apolobamba north of Charazani, we arrive at the Kañuhuma Lagoon to the foot of the Ullakaya (5810m) and the Condorini (5650m). The names of these two peaks were given to us by the inhabitants of the valley, even though the archives of the history of Andinists and existing guides call them Huelancalloc and Isacucho respectively. The ascent of the Ullakaya is not technical. The climb is done first on a rocky ridge a bit tricky, before you get on the glacier. There remains no difficulties before the summit, except a nice crevasse to go under the summit. For fans of physical exercise, you can start the full crossing of the Ullakaya and Condorini. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience in a breathtaking glacial environment. Also without technical difficulty, this crazy journey will take you further north to the Pujo Pujo Lagoon.