Discovery of Uturuncu

The Uturuncu volcano is located further east than its volcanic neighbors which are the Iruputuncu, the Alto Toroni and Ollagüe volcanoes . It is located further north of the famous Licancabur and start for the small village of Quetena Chico. It is also the most High volcano of south of Bolivia.


The Uturuncu which rises at 6008 meters allow “outsiders” to try their first 6000 … 4×4 vehicle can rise you up to 5,700 m by the vehicle track, but it will still remain an effort to provide on a large pierrier, not to be overlooked when one is approaching 6,000!

The asencion Uturuncu the volcano is probably the “6000” the easiest in the world!

But beware, depending of the years, the vehicle track is not practicable until 5,700 m as it can be damaged during the rainy season. So do not overlook the effort that you provide to achieve the “6000” fateful and make some sport before!