Discovery of the Chachacomani

In the middle of the Cordillera Real, two massive are classified under the category of “unpublished” the Chachacomani (6074 m) and his neighbor the Chearoco (6.127 m). Very few offered, some guides ventured it by the tropical eastern slope side. But these summits are also accessible from the Altiplano slope, which makes the logistics easier.

It is also the easiest  6,000 technically of all the normal ways of the Cordillera Real, in a splendid glacial environment, which does not spoil anything… not to be missed… notice to the future andinists!

The Chachacomani (6074 m) has an enormous glacial plateau dotted with potholes and cracks that must be overcome before reaching its summit ridge very sharp. Without technical difficulty, climb this mountain offers interesting perspectives on the eastern and western slopes of the Cordillera Real: on one side, tropical valleys, on the other, the Altiplano and the Lake Titicaca. All around, peaks rivaling their beauty!

Chachacomani (6.074 m)Climbs / descentsWalking Time
Day 1 > Base Camp + 130 m / - 75 m2 to 3 h
Day 2 > Altitude Camp+ 665 m / - 45 m3 h
Day 3 > Base Camp+ 990 m / - 1610 m 9 to 10 h
Day 4 > La Paz+ 75 m / - 130 m2 to 3 h