Quimsa Cruz


Quimsa Cruz

An other little mountain called Quimsa Cruz is seeking to make it a name among the greats of Bolivia and the world. It is located south of La Paz on the road to Oruro. It includes mining, attracting many families in search of lucrative vein. Its northern part is the perfect playground for lovers of rocks climbing.

The complete tour of the Quimsa Cruz will discover a multitude of lagoons with amazing colors, a universe of rock walls and also beautiful glacial mountains.

A very pleasant trek is also possible to go to meet minors and to share a few hours of their daily. Glacial mountains are not very high … Indeed they do not exceed 6,000 meters… and yet they have offer ascents enough technicals.

The Don Luis (5780 m) offers a good race on the ridges by 3 successive peaks.

The San Enrique (5675 m), in the other way, offers a wonderful route much more athletic… Adrenaline lovers will not be disappointed…

Other peaks like the Jankho Loma (5,600 m) are against much more accessible and allow to enjoy an amazing view  on all of the ice chain, with on the back the Illimani, emerging -as by magic- from the Altiplano.