Huayna Potosi


Discovery of the Huayna Potosi

South of the Cordillera Real, overlooking the city of La Paz, visible over a hundred miles away, the Huayna Potosi and his 6088 m, is the most popular.

The Huayna Potosi offers a nice relatively easy climb, allowing less experienced, but a bit sporty, performing with an experienced guide “their first 6000”.

The last 150 vertical meters have thrown many, in fact oxygen is scarce when you attacks a slope inclined at 55 / 60º. What an effort! And what a reward… His very airy summit ridge offers a breathtaking view of La Paz and the Altiplano, interconnecting the whole chain of the Cordillera Real to the north. Pure happiness!


This ridge overlooking a steep wall. This is the west face of the massif of Huayna Potosi. We are here in the “grand challenges”. This climb has a peak of 900m with a 80º slope on its last third … experienced andinists, looking for sport routes.


The “Way of the French” in turn offers a good compromise, with a steep wall (55 to 60º on 250 m) above the “Argentine camp.” A nice alternative to avoid the crowds of the normal route and give a little spice to the ascent of the Huayna Potosi.

Huayna Potosi (6.080 m)Climbs / descentsWalking Time
Day 1 > Rocks Camp+380 m2 to 3 h
Day 2 > La Paz+960 m / -1.340 m10 to 12 h