Trek in Sajama Park


Treks in the Sajama Park

Lovers of volcanoes will be satisfied. Bolivia has a number of ascents a bit technical but physically demanding.

Volcanoes give mostly a headache. They have something special.

It is freezing cold and the wind is very violent. This seems relatively simple by far! But the hills never end … On the slopes of the mountain, elevations are steeper than expected and … hide false summits. Each climb hides a flat followed by another climb. Ascending the Sajama, the summit never appears, which discourages many.


Sajama Park offers many activities ranging from a relatively accessible two-day trek to a technical and difficult ascent. This little acclimatization trek allows you to mount the Laguna Sorapata at the foot of Volcano Condoriri Grande nearly 5 000m above sea level. The views of the volcano Sajama on the way down are stunning and surprising.


The ascents of Parinacota volcanoes, and Pomerape Acotango are not technically difficult. It is opened to everyone who is looking for space and aventure and at all levels.

Sajama National Park: a walker’s paradise

In this more than 100 000 hectares park, spreading around many volcanoes, many routes are possible. According to your desire or level, you can choose between a short walk or a trek in Sajama Park. It depends on what you are looking for. In any case, your senses will be at feast.

The majestic volcanic massif, blue skies beaten by the winds, yellow shades of the soils and pure altitude air will put you in symbiosis with the surroundings and the environment around you. During your trek in Sajama, you will feel step after step, roaring the activity of telluric forces, the presence of the mythic Pachamama which makes the volcanoes boil and geysers pop out of the rocks.

Trekkers and sportsmen, don’t miss a trek in Sajama when you visit Bolivia. If you want to feel a very special ambiance, you’ll be in the right place. When you return home, you’ll be thinking in only one thing: going back to Sajama.