Amboro Park & Samaipata


Discovery of the Amboro Park & Samaipata

The “Eastern Bolivia” represents a third of the country and extends at 500 meters high, stretching from flooded areas, savannah and Amazon, in a hot and humid climate, tropical on demand, full of natural resources, Native American and colonial cultures, insects, birds, aquatic and terrestrial mammals, sweet fruits and flowers.

An unexpected Bolivia, unknown, complementary to that of the Altiplano, an explosion of colors, cultures and biodiversity.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia’s new economic capital, is a modern city, difficult to appreciate at first glance, despite the softness of the air, the warmth of its nightlife and the freshness of its swimming pools.
It will be an excellent starting point for the beautiful Amboro Park and the village of Samaipata with its imposing fortress. Unless it be to follow in the footsteps of Che Guevarra road joining the city of Sucre.