Discovery of Yungas

You climbed from the high up basin of la Paz to la Cumbre surrounded by the Cordillera Real….. You won’t regret it!


This mountain pass located at 4700 m dominate few glaciers and represents the meeting point between the warm and humid air of the tropical valleys and the cold air of the Altiplano. That is a reason why, it is not rare to see a butterfly lost in a rising whirlwind.


Contemplate, breath the fresh air and take (if you want to!) a speedy descent to the Yungas, a place that the entire world considers as the world’s most dangerous road and also called the “Death Road”.


The mineral countryside of the Altiplano disappears gradually and allows space to a dense, floral and tropical vegetation between fog and cascades.


Looking for a good coffee, a relaxing moment next to a pool ? The yungas offer many activities. It can also be the occasion to discover the typical danse called : Saya.