A myriad of summits from the window : 50 summits of more over 5000 meters and 13 of over 6000 meters…Welcome to Bolivia !

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For the most curious and passionate, lose yourself in the fabulous book of Anne Bialek and Patrick Espel.

The Cordillera Real called "New World Himalaya" by Austrian climbers is the most famous mountains of Bolivia. Its evocative name is enough to attract the greed of hikers and mountaineers... It stretches along a southeast-northwest axis nearly 150 kilometers.

An other little mountain called Quimsa Cruz is seeking to make it a name among the greats of Bolivia and the world. It is located south of La Paz on the road to Oruro. It includes mining, attracting many families in search of lucrative vein. Its northern part is the perfect playground for lovers of rocks climbing.

The "Cordillera de Lípez" from the extreme south of Bolivia to the chilean border hosts volcanoes of lower altitude. The head of their cones isn't covered by glaciers and their sides represent real palettes of varied colours.

North of the Cordillera Real, lies the Cordillera Apolobamba, northeast of Lake Titicaca, it is part of the Eastern Cordillera that extends along a northwest / southeast axis and the Cordillera further south. Difficult access, is accessed by a bad dirt track in ten hours from La Paz.

Lovers of volcanoes will be satisfied. Bolivia has a number of ascents a bit technical but physically demanding.

Volcanoes give mostly a headache. They have something special.